Get funds and mentorship from leading tech entrepreneurs and investors.

Spacemind Capital is interested in innovative things, hardcore technologies and crazy ideas.

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We provide funds

We work together with you to create a business plan, so that you can concentrate on what is most important: your product. The amout of the investment at this stage is usually up to $350,000.

We provide mentorship

Our team consists of tech experts, entreprenuers and investors who have created leading companies in different markets. We can fully cover many aspects of business, including: business development, marketing and PR, HR, legal services and accounting.

We help to develop

Startups we are investing in get access to our product development expertise: UI/UX, software development, highload, server infrastructure, etc. We will help your product to become highly attractive to users.

Organizing a U.S-based company

If you are ambitious enough to create an international product, we will help you register a company in the U.S. You will be able to get all the advantages of being a resident of Silicon Valley.

Leading you to the next round

Even though you run a profitable company, you would like to grow faster. This is where you will need another round of investment. Our common goal is to make your company and your product attractive to Silicon Valley's top funds.

How it works
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Product development
Hitting the market
Expanding and business development
Who we are looking for

We are happy to work with any ambitious team that has a great idea or innovative technology.

What information you can provide:

  • — product info;
  • — your team;
  • — current state of a project;
  • — links to videos/presentations.
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