About Fund

The Fund has a focus on work with tech startups from various fields. Spheres of primary interest include AI, blockchain, mobile apps, VR/AR.

Fund’s Executive Partners are entrepreneurs with many years of experience in IT. The team acts not only as an investor but also as a mentor for each project. We assist in finding the right approach to such processes as business development, marketing and sales, HR, legal and accounting issues, engagement across global markets, product positioning, brand image formation and reputation management.

News and media publications

28.09.2017 — Медицинский стартап Healthy Networks привлек $100 тысяч от фонда Spacemind Capital / vc.ru

28.09.2017 — Spacemind Capital инвестировал $100 тысяч в белорусский стартап / firrma.ru

28.09.2017 — «Первые продажи будут в Беларуси». Как создают сервис для диагностики состояния лёгких / dev.by

28.09.2017 — Белорусский медицинский стартап привлек 100 тысяч долларов / belnovosti.by

23.06.2017Основатель фонда Spacemind Capital о перспективных нишах и белорусских стартапах / startuplife.by

10.04.2017 — Spacemind Capital проводит питч-сессию в Минске / imaguru.by

Who we are looking for

We are happy to work with any ambitious team that has a great idea or innovative technology.

What information you can provide:

  • — product info;
  • — your team;
  • — current state of a project;
  • — links to videos/presentations.
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Representative in Russia
+7 800 301-32-78
Saint-Petersburg, Nevsky prospect 28, "Singer house"