For investors

The main lines of cooperation with investors and enterprises include participation in funding rounds, independent expert assessment, valuation of startups.

Investment in high-tech companies needs deep insight into the market as well as vast expertise in IT sphere.

As a general matter, where investors do not have access to sufficient IT expertise, they are likely to sustain losses. It is essential to be well aware of user and customer attraction strategies, Internet marketing in different countries, mechanisms and special aspects of work with a startup company.

Spacemind Capital brings together professionals who have built numerous successful IT-companies and have a considerable advantage, knowing the industry from inside.

We are open to various forms of cooperation and co-investing. Please email your contact details at

Who we are looking for

We are happy to work with any ambitious team that has a great idea or innovative technology.

What information you can provide:

  • — product info;
  • — your team;
  • — current state of a project;
  • — links to videos/presentations.
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